Misto Quente

Preparation time: 5 minutes. Cooking time: 10 minutes. Serve: 4


4 slices of bread without shell

4 slices of turkey breast

4 slices of cheese type dish

2 tbsp cream cheese

2 butter spoons


Preheat the Air fryer. Set the timer of 5 minutes and the temperature to 2000C.

Pass the butter on one side of the slice of bread and on the other side of the slice the cream cheese.

Mount the sandwiches placing two slices of turkey breast and two slices cheese between the breads, with the cream cheese inside and the side with butter.

Place the sandwiches in the basket of the Air fryer. Set the timer of the Air fryer for 5 minutes press the power button.

Nutrition Value (Nutrition per Serving):

Calories: 340

Fat: 15g

Carbohydrates: 32g

Protein: 15g

Sugar: 0g

Cholesterol: 0mg

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